Pastor Tim Elmore


Lead Pastor

Tim was born and raised in Arkansas where he first began ministry at the age of 19. God has since blessed him with opportunities to minister the Gospel as a youth pastor, worship pastor, missionary to Argentina and Peru, a guest lecturer for Moscow Theological Seminary (Russia) and Odessa Theological Seminary (Ukraine), a senior pastor in Toronto, and now as the senior pastor of MBC. Tim also serves as the board president of Global Education Ministries and is a contributing author for The Gospel Coalition Canada and Servants of Grace.

Tim’s education includes a BA in History, Master of Christian Education, and a Master of Divinity in Theology.

While serving in Argentina, Tim met and Married Lindsay. Together, they have three children.

Tim’s heart is to be a shepherd of God’s people speaking truth in love. His email is or you can follow him at timelmore2 on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Soundcould, and Instagram